In which I come out of the closet as a gamer geek

Slow news days plus a lack of time to write updates means personal post. Bet you were wondering why one of my favorite blogs is Feminist Gamer. In fact, one of my ideas for naming this blog was Anarchist Gamer, but I thought it would be derivative and would force me to write gamer-related stuff too often, whereas I only wanted to do it once in a while. So here is why I've been unavailable the past two days.

Wednesday night is Dreamblade night, at least until Wizards of the Coast decides to pull the plug on the game for real, so it's no surprise I didn't update that night. I spent all of last year playing this game competitively, dropping my previous favorite game of Magic in the process. I got interested in Dreamblade for three reasons:

  1. I wanted to try out a minis game, and D&D minis seemed, well, boring

  2. Prize support was insane. We had monthly tournaments in Montreal with 1K$ in prizes

  3. The demo on the website was nice and made me interested in the gameplay

I stayed with the game because the gameplay is incredible (I'd say both simpler AND deeper than Magic), I made great friends, and we started travelling to Ontario and the USA to attend tournaments. In fact, this year was the first time I attended GenCon in my life, which is like nerd Mecca. I paid the trip with the 1000$ I won over the year playing the game. I went there to play the first (and probably last) Dreamblade annual championship. I ended up with a bad record but it was the most fun I've had in my life where I wasn't at the barricades throwing stuff at cops. The big issue is that the game is currently in a state of limbo. WotC cancelled the money tournaments. Even the casual tournaments we do each week now have crappy prizes: we receive special repainted figures, and they've started sending us the same ones that we got months prior. And there's no information about whether we'll see the next expansions. This is a big bummer for me. I'd really like to go to GenCon next year, but without prize events I fear I won't be able to afford it, not to mention that I won't get to play with my friends if there's no championship.

Thursday I usually have to work double hard in order to placate the boss because I leave early on Wednesday nights to attend the tournament. Arbeit Macht Frei...

Tonight I'm taking my girlfriend to the movies. Seems we'll be hitting the new Resident Evil flick, unless there's something else watchable. My girlfriend is a horror movie buff, this series is actually more of an action-oriented thing with zombies thrown in but it should satiate her bloodlust. Plus, videogame movie? Total geek points for me.

Saturday is the Magic prerelease for Lorwyn set, which I'm attending because if Dreamblade drops off the face of the Earth I'm going to have to find a new hobby. I love Magic but it's just so much less fun than Dreamblade. This new set seems fun though. I'm gonna build me a new goblin deck. I might have time in the evening for an update.

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