Swastika Rats

As could be expected, the Jena Six story which made the round of the left-wing blogosphere last week also happened to be picked up by the fascists. Whenever you find someone who's been trampled by the system, you can be sure that someone is not far away waiting to stomp them on the face anew.

First of all, a notorious neo-nazi posted the address of the Jena Six and asked that white men in Louisiana "deliver justice". Classy, huh? I won't name the bastard on my own blog, let's just say that he's an attention whore and well known by antifas and anarchists online, and I don't want to give him the satisfaction of more name recognition. If you truly need to know who he is, click the second link.

Second, two KKK boneheads thought it would be really funny to drive around near protesters with nooses tied to their pickup truck. Apparently they might have been cruising for a fight, considering they had brass knuckles on board. I wish a bunch of antifas had gotten hold of them first instead of the police, and given them their own little private Battle of York

Overall, very disappointing but hardly surprising. I am in fact a tad surprised that none of the usual suspects decided to show up and rile up the crowd. Though given that they can hardly get a hundred people to show up at their rallies these days, and the usual cowardice of the fascists, maybe it should have been expected that they wouldn't show up to piss off a huge crowd of dedicated anti-racist activists.

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