Comments on the Canadian circus... err, elections.

Conservative majority: wait, they didn't already have one? Could have fooled me. We can now look forward to 4 more years of direct confrontation with the state instead of a cold war or truce. Maybe Harper can beat his record from Toronto G20 and get more condemnations from international human rights organisations than last time.

Bloc Québécois relegated to third party status: Maybe Québec is ready to go beyond the sterile constitutional question and start working on the social question?

NDP as official opposition/Liberals reduced to a token presence: I don't trust in electoral solutions, but it's nice to know that people stopped voting for the lesser evil and started voting for the lesser good...


Most anarchists don't have a use for the concept of sin...

but I think me going to work on a Sunday *May First* might qualify. Ugh.

Solidarity comrades, wish I could have been downtown for something else than work today and walked with you.