Redefining terms

Always remember this when a right-winger uses these words as an epithet to insult you.

A leftist is someone who holds the highly controversial position that food, shelter, water and fulfilling all basic necessities of life are HUMAN RIGHTS that should be provided to all.

A far left extremist is someone who believes that DECENT food, shelter, water, fulfilling all basic necessities of life as well as providing personal growth through access to a good education, art, entertainment and a good social environment are all HUMAN RIGHTS.


Daniel Arseneault said...

"personal growth" as defined by far leftists, and which tends to promote atheism, sodomy, and inequality of men.

BlackBloc said...

Promoting atheism and sodomy are net boons. One promotes knowledge and truth, the other promotes pleasure. Inequality of men? I thought the problem your crowd had with us lefties was that we promoted equality a bit too much?